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National Cheese Lover's Day with Toasty Cheese Chicago

Beer and cheese - not many things have more chemistry together than these two. 

On National Cheese Lover's Day, get your midwest fix with Toasty Cheese food truck & their super fire menu :) 

A couple of our favorites we've been eye ballin' include.....

1. The Mighty Max
grass-fed ribeye, Mozzarella, red onion & garlic butter on a pretzel roll

2. Hannah Banana
deep fried nutella, banana creme & marshmallow fluff on a panini

3. Pork Belly Shelly
Gruyere cheese, pork belly & sweet n' sour cabbage with Thousand Island dressing on seeded rye bread

***The BeerShop tip for ordering off the Toasty Cheese menu:
add duck bacon for a foodgasmic experience