Leadfeather Black Ale Half Barrel (15 gallons, or ~124 16oz pours)


Leadfeather Black Ale Half Barrel (15 gallons, or ~124 16oz pours)



Brewed by: 
Half Acre Beer Company 
IllinoisUnited States

Style: American Black Ale 

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 6.00% 

Availability: Rotating

Notes / Commercial Description: 
We’ve finalized a new Black Ale for Half Acre.

We can all sit on sun drenched patios and freely spill speed beer down our throats till paid transportation takes us home. You want to squirrel away a couple x-tra pales and head to yoga? No problem, Namaste. 

But, there are times when fleshy black beer is the only thing that offers the necessary weight. Visiting your uncle’s machine shop to thread some pipe before hitting a dirt track sprint car race….? You might want to digest some Lead Feather Black Ale.

The might of big malts and rival hop use give Lead Feather capital dark properties. 6% ABV gives you time, but not at the expense of content.

All keg prices include tax and a refundable keg deposit upon return by customer. 

Go Hawks.

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