Located in Oak Park, BeerShop is a purveyor of fine American beers


When I was 18 years old, one day I sat in my bedroom reading the lyric sheet from Iggy Pop's Soldier album. The second track on the second side is a song called I Need More…

I need more than an ordinary grind
Everybody ought to love his job
And live his life and keep his pride
Imperturbably happy with the one you love

I remember thinking at the time how that was a fantastic, but completely unrealistic fantasy. Grown ups got good jobs with security and they were satisfied even if what they did wasn't all that interesting or fun. 

Fast forward to 2012 and me working for a bank. At that point, it seemed Iggy sounded incredibly rational with a plan (orders?) just for me. Finance can do that to your brain. Anywho, BeerShop is me saying "I Need More." 

After moonlighting at Dublin, CA's Caps and Taps for several months and with the encouragement of my wife Liz, I quit my job in San Francisco and moved half way across the country to start BeerShop. My hope is to create a space where people can discover what this whole "craft beer phenomenon" is all about. Our focus is Chicago-land's exploding local beer scene. What I don't want BeerShop to be is just a bar, or a snobby place for beer nerds. I want BeerShop to be fun, relaxed and selling great beer from friendly, helpful people.  

Hopefully, we've succeeded. 




(847) 946-4164



1026 North Blvd
Oak Park, IL 60301



Su-Wed 12p–10p
Th-Sa 12p–11p